Don’t Let Technology Render Your Job or Business Obsolete…

It’s not time to relax. In less than sixty months from now, millions of peoples lives will have been hugely disrupted by technology advancements. Millions of people will have sickening lifestyle downgrades. This will happen to people who did not see it coming, or those who denied it would happen, or bet their futures on these changes not happening. For most people the tragedy of a severe lifestyle downgrade will be the result of ignorance. This is not about machines taking over our lives or computers with super intelligence running our lives. Although there is strong influence from those things too that will continue to change the way we work and live. But we have had various technology disruptions happening for thirty years  or more now. The difference now is an anomaly called the Exponential Technology Curve. This new curve is fueled by a drastic and rapid increase of several large industry technologies which will reshape society around the world, and is important to understand and remember if you don’t want to get run over and left for dead. Below are the most influential technology advancements that will converge around the same time and affect jobs and business.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Robotics
  3. Sensor Technology (aka IoT)
  4. Solar Energy
  5. Autonomous Travel (all vehicles)
  6. Electric Automobiles
  7. 3D Printing

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