Why Restaurant Food Cost Could Lower by 40%

Our “on demand” services and deliveries is growing in cities around the world. Companies like Instacart will deliver groceries from many different markets. Doordash and Postmates deliver hot food and more from dozens of local restaurants. You already know about Uber and Lyft. “There’s an app for that” is a cliche. Last year McDonald’s opened their first large restaurant replacing cashiers with self service tablets. Robots already exist that can make all the food in a fast food restaurant. Japan opened the first zero human staffed successful hotel in 2014. New robot staffed hotels have very low rates and will be opening all over different world markets. This takes me to my point. Get ready for every fast food restaurant to slowly eliminate human workers. Here’s how. In order to deliver your favorite meal using Doordash at 40% lower costs. The burgers would need to be made by robots and delivered by Doordash or similar service and or autonomous cars. Once more people start getting their favorite meals delivered cheaper than a drive through or eat in fee, the cost for burgers drops by 40%. Many of the human staffed fast food restaurants may face extinction. Robots cost less on all levels. If one restaurant chains goes robotic, all competitors would need to also have robots in order to compete or they go out of business. When will this happen? Estimates are by 2025. Expect to see a combination of human staffed and robot staffed restaurants simultaneously then slowly the human operated restaurants will be eliminated due to the fact very few people are using them.


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