Disruption Categories

8 Sectors Affecting Business

  1. Transportation Disruption. The automotive industry will be massively disrupted by “autonomous travel.” This will affect all types of vehicles and the suppliers to thousands of companies. Cars, Trucks, Boats, Ships, Motor-homes, Taxi’s, Couriers etc.
  2. Energy Disruption. By 2020 the world will begin to notice the decline of the oil industry. By 2030 the oil industry will be a much smaller industry compared to how we know it. Clean energy will be cheaper, such as free solar energy. Electric  powered cars and possibly Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered vehicles will replace the internal combustion engine. Solar power will rapidly replace oil as the energy of choice. Energy will become decentralized.
  3. Robotics. Several countries and thousands of developers are working hard to capitalize on building robots. All this sounds like a science fiction film from the past. But this is not a movie. These new robots will replace cashiers, fast food workers, housekeeping, farm labor, warehouse workers and any other low skilled, or repetitive type task. Expect job losses in the 20 million plus by 2030 due to this technology.
  4. Artificial Intelligence. This technology will be baked into every device. It will provide huge amounts of data to process.
  5. Sensor Technology. Also known as IoT (Internet of Things). Every device and everywhere we go in the civilized world we will be surrounded by billions of small hidden sensors that will make life more automated. And in many places make living with people safer.
  6. 3D Printing. Anything and everything will be printed. There will be little need to store products in warehouses and ship to retail stores or consumers. This will greatly affect countries, like China who rely on manufacturing for a large part of their GDP and population.
  7. Augmented and Virtual Reality. AR could make the smart phone obsolete by 2025. VR is expected to greatly affect training, learning systems, communications and gaming.
  8. Blockchain. This technology has the power to disrupt businesses in every industry. Those who adapt will provide a new form of transparency required to gain support of customers.